I was born in Glasgow and grew up there . I started making music seriously in the 1980's and founded the group “The French Impressionists”. The group made a few recordings for the cosmopolitan avantguarde Belgium label: Les Disques Du Crepescule. After the group broke up I temporarily gave up my musical career and began to take an interest in the visual arts and collaborated with my artist friend Sally Titterington on a serious of projects .One Word Salons - and later with the music back again Elevators Air.

In between saw a serious of solo piano cds Dress 1 and 2, Seeds and a move to Milan where I am currently based. The last few years have seen new French Impressionists releases with LTM a prestigious UK label and new (2009/2010 solo piano) Loom: piano and occasional synth/photo interpretation of the seasons and piano/japanese voice /photo recordings Haiku. I . My work,a panacea,balm I hope, is an attempt to ignite the sensibility of the listener/viewer and arrest the continual flux ,image bombardment and stress of contemporary life there by producing a space for calmness and reflection. for the record I like all types of music but not metallic or electronic noise. To know me better take a look at my myspacepage. If you wish to write to me or ask me anything regarding the music or photos here’s my contact address:

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